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Yin4Yang is a company focusing on developing products for Macintosh operating system. In all of these areas we offer services ranging from basic consultancy services, over the development of small add-ons to the development of complete products.

Utilities and Macintosh development in general

Yin4Yang specializes in Macintosh development. We use Macintosh as our primary development platform and we follow Macintosh technology from nearby. So, when you need a Macintosh specific product, or you need to port an application to Macintosh, just contact us.
Reference:We developed Barcode Toolbox and Barcode CheckUp, that are now part of 'Instant Barcode' from Enfocus. We were lead developer for the boostX, checkX, and finalEye products from Esko. boostX and checkX are still part of the DeskPack product line from Esko.

Macintosh Networking

When you need to configure your Macintoshes in a network, you can not always turn to typical network companies: they configure your routers and your Windows machines, perhaps your Unix boxes too, but when it comes to Macintosh, they don't want to take the responsibility. We do.

Intellectual Property and Patents

You have to consider filing patents to protect your investment in coding and technology. We can assist you in this task: our background enables us to challenge your ideas to make the content of the patent as broad and general as possible, and as such increasing the protective capacity of your patent.

Contact for consulting information
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