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Barcode CheckUp

Available Versions

Version OS Host
1.1  Mac OS 9.x, OS X 10.x  Adobe Illustrator 10,CS,CS2 
1.1  Windows Me, NT, 2000, XP  Adobe Illustrator 10,CS,CS2 

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Today, adding Barcodes is regularly done early in the workflow, for example by designers. These barcodes need to be checked for validity when they enter the pre-press workflow to catch potential errors early on.
Also Computer-To-Plate now removes the intermediate film step, which requires that you can check the barcode quality inside your digital files before starting the plate making.

Barcode CheckUp gives you all the tools you need to perform these new tasks.
It allows you to quickly scan an incoming job for barcodes using a single function, and to compare the results with predefined settings. In a few seconds you will know if the design house added the correct barcodes.

Also, for jobs that are made inhouse, you can do a final check before you start the plate making process. At that point you will catch any errors before creating expensive plates.
Some problems (like Bar Width Reduction) can be fixed automatically by Barcode CheckUp, again reducing the possibility for errors.

You can also generate a report from the measured data to combined with your other job information. This report will include all the data needed for later references, like type and code, position, quality of the barcode, etc...

Barcode CheckUp also has some functions that work on all the barcodes in a job: for example, you can change the Bar Width Reduction parameter for all barcodes in a job. This allows you to select a different press at the very last moment, and change the Bar Width Reduction with a single operation in a reliable way.

Barcode CheckUp Release Notes

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