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Text Toolbox

Available Versions

Version OS Host
2.0  Mac OS 9.x, OS X 10.x  Adobe Illustrator 8,9,10 

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Text Toolbox addresses some text features that missing from Adobe Illustrator or that help you integrate Adobe Illustrator in a workflow that uses several products including Adobe Illustrator and that require editing of flowable text.

Text Recovery
A common problem when importing files into Illustrator is that all text has been converted to 'point' text. This means, that paragraphs no longer flow when modifications need to be made. One can say that this is one of the biggest problems when importing files from one application into another. This happens for example when opening PDF and EPS files in Adobe Illustrator

Text Recovery does not change the fact that text is converted to point text on import, but it gives you the ability to restore paragraphs from a collection of point text items. During recovery, the tool lets you compare the old collection of point text objects versus the new 'text in a box' object, so that you can fine-tune the restored text before deleting the old point text. This simple work-flow tool gives you the best of both worlds: you can keep all the text as-is if you do not need to edit the text, and as such, not introducing any errors, and only restore to flowable text when needed, and as such recreating flowable text so that complete paragraphs can be edited.

Tab Leader
Making ingredient labels in Adobe Illustrator is a tedious task since Adobe Illustrator does offer the functionality of adding tab leaders in your text. Therefore, a designer has to revert to inserting all those points (when using points as tab leader) until the gap is properly filled etc.
Using Tab Leader will reduce the complexity of this task. With one simple command, you can insert all the tab leaders you need to properly format your ingredient list. Also, since these tab leaders will not update automatically, the plug-in offers utility functions that enable you to still edit the text after the tab leaders are inserted.

The On Line Manual contains examples illustrating the functionality of the plug-ins.

Text Toolbox Release Notes

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