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Yin4Yang License Overview

This page contains an overview of the licenses that are accepted by Yin4Yang Products.
For each product you will get
  • Version: A specific version of the product
  • OS: The operating system for that version
  • License: the first 4 characters of license. If there is more than one 4 letter group in this field, then you have to enter all the specified licenses.

How to enter multiple licenses Proceed as follows whenever you need to enter multiple licenses:

  • First enter the original license in the license dialog, and accept.
  • Fix the code if a dialog pops-up specifying that you entered a wrong code, and try again. Make sure you exactly typed it as received from Yin4Yang, without any additional spaces.
  • Continue as described below if you get the original license dialog again.
  • Enter the next license and accept again
  • Continue this process until you entered all the licenses that are needed. The products will continue to start up automatically as soon as they have all the license codes they need

Barcode Toolbox

Version OS License
1.x and 2.x Mac OS and Windows AIBT
3.x Mac OS and Windows 3IBT
3.x Mac OS and Windows AIBT + 3IBU

Barcode CheckUp

Version Version License
1.x Mac OS AIBC
1.x Mac OS 3IBT + AITC
1.x Mac OS AIBT + 3IBU + AITC

Text Recovery

Version Version License
1.x and 2.x Mac OS AITT





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