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TAME YOUR TYPE! -- Want to manage out-of-control type? Use Text Toolbox, now is the time for another industrial-strength Adobe Illustrator plug-in to tame the problem.

New Version! Adobe plug-in suite allows anyone to easily create and manage type boxes in Adobe Illustrator. Solve a common problem; importing text files into Adobe Illustrator converts type boxes to 'point' text instantly convert the type. Also, use Text Toolbox to format type using newly added, Tab Controls filters.

Los Angeles, CA (February 25, 2003) -- Graphic designers and technical illustrators agree, the key to executing a precise technical drawing or design projects using text elements, is to manage the drawing's labels and text boxes. Text Toolbox gives you the tools you need to perform the task Now includes a professional Plug-in Suite of Tab Controls sorely lacking in current versions of Adobe Illustrator.

Text Toolbox gives you the ability to create paragraphs from a collection of point text items. Taming your type to recreate flowable text so that complete paragraphs can be edited Tame your type Manage paragraph leading Balance text spacing Professional Tab controls!

“Our customers asked us for a solution to an old problem,” says Text Toolbox creator Frank Vyncke. “Professional technical illustrators get to a point in their work when they need help managing their type; Text Toolbox now adds these advanced type features. These features have been absent from Adobe Illustrator for too long we tamed the beast!”

Text Toolbox is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in suite that also allows you to manage paragraph leading, balance text spacing, and use enhanced tab controls. Text Toolbox supports Adobe Illustrator version 8.x,9.x and 10.x and Macintosh OS X and OS 9.

Pricing and Availability
The Text Toolbox Plug-in suite is immediately available worldwide at a street price of US $49.95 and purchase online through the Text Toolbox store at

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