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Yin4Yang announces the sales of Barcode Toolbox and Barcode CheckUp to Enfocus.

Yin4Yang today announces that the plug-ins Barcode Toolbox and Barcode CheckUp are sold to Enfocus. Development of these products will continue at Enfocus under the new product name 'Instant Barcode', which is a combination of both Barcode Toolbox and Barcode CheckUp.

Frank Vyncke, CEO of Yin4Yang, comments: “We believe that our customers will benefit greatly from the integration of Barcode Toolbox and Barcode Checkup within the respected Enfocus brand. That company's sound knowledge of what creative professionals need, combined with the strong network of support throughout the world, can only be a good thing for all concerned.”

Barcode Toolbox 3.6 and Barcode CheckUp 1.1 remain availalbe for download only, so that customers that have to reinstall the software will be able to download their purchased version from our website. No new developments or bugfixes will be implemented by Yin4Yang.

About Yin4Yang N.V.
Founded in 2000, Yin4Yang creates plug-ins for Adobe products providing the additional functionality needed by pre-press artists to deliver professional quality digital files.

About Enfocus
Founded in 1993, Enfocus specializes in plug-ins for the Graphic Arts industries.

Frank Vyncke

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