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Yin4Yang is proud to announce that Barcode Toolbox and Barcode CheckUp are as of today Adobe Illustrator CS2 compatible, free of charge.

Yin4Yang proves with these updates that it is firmly committed to deliver the best bar codes products for Adobe Illustrator.

Barcode Toolbox is now at version 3.6.
Barcode CheckUp is now at version 1.1.

On the Macintosh, Yin4Yang had to rebuild all plug-ins since Adobe Illustrator CS2 does not support plug-ins from older versions of Adobe Illustrator. This means that updating to these latest versions is a pre-requisite to use Barcode Toolbox or Barcode CheckUp with Adobe Illustrator CS2.
On Windows, Adobe Illustrator CS2 will load older plug-ins, but some minor tweak had to be done to make the plug-ins 100% compatible.

Pricing and Availability
Barcode Toolbox Version 3.6 is immediately available worldwide at a street price of US $89.95.
Barcode Toolbox can be purchased online through the Yin4Yang store at

Barcode CheckUp Version 1.1 is immediately available worldwide at a street price of US $109.95, or for registered users of Barcode Toolbox 3.x at a street price of US $89.95.
A Bundle of Barcode CheckUp and Barcode Toolbox is available at a street price of US $179.95.
Barcode CheckUp can be purchased online through the Yin4Yang store at

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About Yin4Yang N.V.
Founded in 2000, Yin4Yang creates plug-ins for Adobe products providing the additional functionality needed by pre-press artists to deliver professional quality digital files.

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